A music producer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, David Knight has done custom scoring for online video, audio post production and sound design, in addition to composing for film and producing numerous albums of music. 

His creative process is the meeting place for his ability on a variety of instruments and a lifelong fascination with recording, sparked by young forays into multi-tracking with two boomboxes. After years spent skipping across numerous audio platforms – Fruity Loops, Magic Studio, Cool Edit Pro, Reason, Protools, Live, Logic – he's come out on the other side half live performer and half digital audio wizard. 

Echoes of David's musical past ripple through his current work, where guitar, bass and vocals combine with samples, synths and sound design, all processed through a labyrinth of plug-in chains and his keen sensibility for tasteful and innovative production.



David uses:

•Logic Pro                                  •Spectrasonics Stylus RMX

•Ableton Live                              •Synthmaster

•Protools 10                               •NI Kontakt, FM8, Massive

•8Dio Adagietto                         •Waves Plugins

•Abbey Roads Drums                 •iZotope Nectar, Ozone